Monday, May 4, 2009

pregnant and have a toddler!

You find yourself in your first trimester and you have a toddler?! Maybe you have a newly turned 12 month old (like me) and in the thick of your morning sickness! What do you do, when all you want to do is lay down? There are ways to still pay attention to your toddler and get some rest for yourself. Try laying on the floor while your toddler plays. This can become a new game with the two of you. Just be careful that your bouncing toddler does not get too playful with your belly. You can sleep (or rest) while your toddler is napping. Most toddlers still take 2 naps during the day... so this may be a great time for you to rest your sleepy bones. If you feel just too exhausted or dizzy.... do not be afraid to ask for help. There have been a few times I have called my husband to come home early due to dizziness... there is no sense in putting yourself or your toddler in danger. Hang in there!

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